Shopping For Cookware

Shopping For Cookware

Cookware Shopping

Who doesn’t love food? I bet all of us wish we could just eat and eat and eat without gaining weight. But, things aren’t that simple are they. Well, other then eating food, I really like making food.That’s my main drive and ambition for me to write this book on South American cuisine. Through tinkering about in the kitchen, I’ve become accustomed to using different types of cookware in the kitchen.

I decided to share a quick guide on picking cookware. Many of you greenhorns out there must assume that you need to spend $200 or $300 on a good cookware set. Undeniably, that is true but there are cheaper alternatives if you know how to pick them.

The first step to finding your ideal cookware set is by deciding what kind of cook tops you’ll be using your cookware on. It would be a real waste if you invested in a set that doesn’t work with your cook top.

The rule of thumb of picking cookware for stove tops are always go for heavy cookware with good heat transmission and even heating. That translates to picking Cast iron, Stainless steel or even hard anodized cookware for gas stoves.

For glass cook tops, use cookware that are lightweight and have even heating capabilities. I simply love using my hard anodized aluminium cookware on my glass cook top. Lightweight cookware will stop you from scratching, chipping or even cracking your cook top.

Induction cook tops are tricky. If you purchase cookware without a metal bottom plate, you won’t be able to use it with your induction cook top. So, if you’re shopping for induction friendly cookware be prepared to do a whole lot of research.

Step 2 is simpler, read best cookware reviewsuser comments and watch un-boxing videos. These are the best ways to find out more about your investment.

Once you find the set you’re looking for, you can hop on Amazon or drive to your local stores to compare prices. Assuming you find another set that you like, repeat step 2. It’s as simple as that.

Google has a wealth of information that’s ripe for the picking. So, go out there and start shopping!

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