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Good cooking starts with a good kitchen knife set

Good cooking starts with a good kitchen knife set

It starts with the knife. I have watched enough food channels to know that good cooking starts with a good knife, and if you want to show your cooking prowess, you have to master the skill of slicing and dicing. It must be safe, therefore, to say that a cook’s knife is a good kitchen¬†knife¬†set you can have in your kitchen.

Buying The Best Kitchen Knife

You always have the option of buying one knife for multipurpose use, but it helps to have a variety of knives that are designed for specific cutting to give you the best results. A knife that you use to dice tomatoes will not necessarily serve you well when you want to chop up some beef or shred some vegetables. When you buy a knife that is designed to specifically cut meat, or dice basil and coriander, it makes work easier for you and saves you time.

The Journey To A Perfect Knife

Even while sharp, the knife is inefficient if it has a bad handle. The handle is supposed to support the hand comfortably while offering a good grip for better cutting. It took a few wrong knife handles for me to realize that the shape and texture of the handle matters, just as much as the sharpness of the blade or knife functionality. It does you no good to buy a knife that, when gripped and used for a long period of time, will leave you with blisters on your palms or a tired wrist. That is not the best way to start your cooking. So find the right knife and treat your ingredients with the respect they deserve.

Most Important Characteristic In A Knife

The most important part of the knife is, without saying, the blade. If you need your onions in fine chops, or if you need to debone your chicken fairly easily and quickly, the last thing you need is a blunt knife taking up your precious time. A good knife should have a sharp blade.

My favorite are ceramic knives

For me, they offer wonderful performance characteristics than any other type. They have the capacity to stay sharp for longer hence I hardly waste my cooking time to sharpen one. This offers me with the convenience I always prefer when busy preparing a meal.

Honestly, I have a problem working with a heavy knife hence the overall light weight that the ceramic knife brings is outstanding.

In the market today, it can be more tedious to purchase the best ceramic knife sets than doing a Christmas shopping for a whole clan. However, the following sets have worked well for me and will probably work better for you;

The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set

Considering all knives I have used, this set has worked best for me. It comes with three sharp knives that include a paring knife, a chef’s knife and a micro-serrated knife. With ABS plastic handles, aesthetic quality and comfort is enhanced. The product comes with a lifetime warranty which always reduce maintenance costs for me. This set definitely live up to my expectations and provide an outstanding value for my money. If you want to solve your chopping problems, this 3-piece set is the ideal one for you.

The Premium Ceramic Knife Set

I always ensure maximum modernity of my kitchen. Therefore, the aesthetic quality of any kitchen equipment is key. This set has four knives with bamboo handles that give them that classy look I always wish for. Their blades are shiny and easy to clean hence giving my kitchen a sparkling look. They have black sheaths that help protect the blades and always ensure they remain clean until the next time of use.

If you love cooking as I do, the above ceramic knife will make your chopping and cutting an enjoyable experience. Always get the best and only the best. Good luck in your cooking!